Student Leadership

The development of leadership skills is further encouraged by specific leadership roles in the College Community.



Year 5 students desiring to be considered for this position in the following year nominate and compose a short speech to present to the Senior Primary students and staff, stating why they would like to be elected.  At the conclusion of the speeches, Senior Primary students, and staff, vote for their preferred candidate in a secret ballot.  A first past the post tallying system is used.  College Captains: Primary are elected at the end of Term Four the year prior to the students entering Year 6 and are announced at Awards Nights.



College Captains: Secondary School Captains are also decided in Week Four. Students desiring to be considered for this position will submit a written application stating why they would be a good candidate for College Captain to the Principal. All applicants will then attend an interview with a staff and student panel. Selection criteria based on the qualities of a College Captain will be used for the final selection. In our small school environment, it is possible that a student could be awarded this position more than once.



Sports Captains will be chosen for each house (Grevillea and Acacia) from both Year 6 and Secondary students giving each Sports House four Captains. To be considered for Sports House Captains; Primary and Secondary School, students present a speech to their house peers outlining why they should be elected. Students vote for their preferred candidate. Sports House Captain Speeches and voting take place in Term Four. Sports House Captains assist with the preparation and running of sports events as well as representing their team at presentations.



Year 6 to 12 students may nominate themselves for the following positions at the beginning of the year by writing a letter of application.
These include:-

  • Library Monitors.
  • Student Representative Council Executive – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Cheer Dance Captain
  • Music Captain