Students travel to the College by car, bicycle, or bus. Two carparks are available for use by all families. To ensure the safety of our students the speed limit in both carparks is 5 km/hour. The Archer Street Carpark has a STOP DROP and GO area, parent parking and shaded parking for staff. A drive-through STOP DROP and GO is adjacent to the Secondary School Campus. Bicycle racks are provided for students to secure their bicycles at the Primary and Secondary Campuses. These areas are out of bounds during lunch breaks. A courtesy bus is provided by the College to transport students to and from the State School on Gladstone Road where the various buses gather to collect students to transport them to the outlying areas. As the attendance roll is marked each morning a bus list is generated. Each afternoon students travelling by bus meet the supervising teacher in the Chapel Courtyard to complete a roll call before getting onto the bus. The Queensland Transport Department Bus Travel Code of Conduct applies for students travelling on these buses. A user-pay bus runs daily to and from Moura.