Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela supports the use of technology to prepare students to learn and live in the digital world. The use of technology is embedded in planning, used in the student’s natural learning environment, and enhances the overall learning process.

By using cloud computing, the College has achieved collaborative learning and secured mobility of information. With connected learning, classrooms around the College are not only connecting to one another to share information, enhance learning experiences and communication skills, but they are also accessing the globally available learning materials in a safe and secured environment.

The College has a very solid ICT infrastructure with centralised wireless system with high-speed broadband internet, iPads, Interactive whiteboards, and laptops in all classes from Prep to Year 12.

From years 4 to 6 students have 1:1 College provided laptops which they are allowed to take home, managed closely according to the ICT policy; hence the learning just doesn’t occur in the college environment alone. Laptops are a required item in the Secondary School stationery list.

Robotics Club runs for students interested in learning about computer programming.

The College educates, informs, and updates the students on a regular basis regarding internet safety and cyber security