Specialist Subjects - Years 7 to 10


A semester of each strand each year – Fabric and Textiles, and Food Technology in Years 7 and 8. Food Technology can be taken as an elective in Years 9 and 10.



A semester of each strand in Years 7 and 8 (Woodwork and Metalwork) then as an elective in Years 9 and 10.



Students participate in a Student Wellbeing Program developed by the College. This aims to assist each student to develop positive mental health and overall well-being. The six strands covered are Paying Attention/Mindfulness, Coping with Stress, Understanding Emotions, Setting goals and Healthy Habits, Social Skills and Character Strengths.



A semester of Dance and Drama is taken in Year 8. In Years 9 and 10 this subject is offered as an elec­tive. It follows the Australian Curriculum.



Skills for Learning is a program run for Year 7 Students which helps them transition successfully into Secondary Schooling. It explores timetabling, study schedules, developing study skills, ICTs navigation, and usage.



This subject is offered as an elective in Years 9 and 10. Students explore market gardening, beef production, poultry production and cotton production.



Project Based Learning is a teaching style that encourages students to deeply explore curriculum content in a bid to ‘solve’ a problem or answer a question. To develop a project, teachers integrate content across a number of subject areas so that students then have the time and space within the curriculum to delve deeply into their learning rather than skimming across it and moving on because of time constraints. It embeds the concept of service which is an essential component of our Christian faith.

This subject has been developed to provide students with a platform on which they can develop a range of skills used in everyday life and future employment. These essential skills which include working with diverse team members, project management, and problem-solving are referred to as General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum. Entrepreneur Projects (EP) focuses on collaboration, innovation, and problem solving through multi-age group tasks. We purposefully chose a multi-age platform as it helps to develop relationships across our Junior Secondary cohort of students.