Extra Curriculum


Experiences and activities outside the classroom are very enriching for both the students and teachers alike. Short excursions to within the community, to support class studies, are encouraged for all year levels. A camping program has been developed for Years 5 and 6. Year 7 participate in an overnight camp early in Term One to help build connections with peers and teachers. Year 10 students participate in a Wellbeing Program which includes part-day workshops throughout the year. They also participate in a four-day camp at the conclusion of the school year to develop personal leadership potential and prepare them for senior studies.
Year 11 embark on a three-day leadership camp at the end of their school year. Students in Years 9 to 12 are given opportunities for excursions linked to Agricultural Studies, Dance and Drama, Home Economics, Health and Physical Education, Business Studies, English and Career Pathways.

Camp & Excursion Policy


Throughout Term Three, Year 6 students, use the persuasive speaking genre for their focus in English. The culminating activity for their learning is to prepare and present a three-minute speech on a topic of their own choice.

Class presentations are judged and three students from Year 6 are selected to represent Redeemer in the Cluster Speaking Competition against St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Three winners from this competition are selected to compete in the final level; the Callide Dawson Speaking Competition.


As the name suggests, all students in the College participate in this bi-annual musical performance. In recent years we have performed The Lion King, Grease Jnr and The Wizard of Oz, Seussical Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr. and Annie.


The College runs a Cheer and Dance program facilitated by a highly qualified and experienced Cheer and Dance teacher. Teams rehearse at scheduled times before and after school, learning skills, technique and essential team working collaborative skills. Students can participate from Year 1 to Year 12.


An afterschool Lego Robotics program is offered for interested Years 5 to 12 students. Lego Robotics introduces students to computer programming. Challenges are set and completed and as students’ abilities and skills develop, the problem solving in the challenges is increased. Students have the opportunity to participate in various competitions and workshops each year. Redeemer also particpates in multiple QMEA and STEM events throughout each year.


Facilitates sustainable partnerships between industry, government, and the education sector. By fostering these partnerships, connecting pathways, encouraging participation, offering professional development and assisting in the promotion of schools and students, GISPH2 is assisting industry build talent pipelines for the future. GISPH2 broadens science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM knowledge to diversify and assist in accelerating future skills and opportunities towards the hydrogen industry. Redeemer is one of three schools in Central Queensland to be a Hydrogen Gateway School and is open to Years 11 to 12 students.


The College has an Instrumen­tal Music Program and students in Years 3 to 12 are invited to participate. The Program is under the guidance of our Music Teacher. Instruments included in the program are flute, alto saxophone, piano, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, bass guitar and percussion. Once students reach a suitable level, they are encouraged to participate in the College Band.


Our College Music Teacher supports interested students through AMEB Music Theory exams through a weekly afterschool tutorial.


Our College offers choirs for all students from Prep to Year 12. All our choirs regularly perform a varied and age-appropriate repertoire at competitions, school functions, and community events. Once students reach a suitable level during their instrumental program, they are encouraged to participate in the College Band.


We have a group of students who meet weekly to explore the art of writing, creating a range of texts for enjoyment. This allows them to participate in writing competitions.


A Catering Club is facilitated by a volunteer teacher and also relies on the student leadership of a Catering Club captain. Students are involved in numerous catering opportunities throughout the year gaining practical skills and industry experience. The College has an equipped coffee bar with facilities to prepare and sell barista coffee to the public. Students are trained as baristas on a regular basis. The Daily Grind opens to the public, staff, and students twice a week as well as on special events.


From Year 4, students who have an interest in Mathematics are invited to join our Olympiad Team. We compete to complete a range of Mathematical Problems against other students in Australasia.