Curriculum - Primary

At Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela the Australian Curriculum is used in all Key Subject areas.



In the Australian Curriculum, the Humanities and Social Sci­ences learning area includes a study of History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, and Economics and Business.


Science inquiry skills and practices are used to teach science at Redeemer. This increases an interest in science and expands students’ curiosity and willingness to explore. In doing so, students will increase their ability to solve problems and make informed decisions about current and future applications of science.


The Australian Curriculum Health content is taught by the classroom teacher.


Students participate in weekly Christian Studies lesson formulated with the Lutheran Education Australia Christian Studies Framework.


We teach all three strands of the Australian Curriculum English program, Language, Literature and Literacy. We are guided by The Science of Reading (SOR) which encourages the teaching of skills through explicit instruction. We use a systematic synthetic phonics approach where learning letter/sound correspondance, the Heggerty Phonological and Phonemic awareness program, a structured approach to morphology and etymology to develop students vocabulary and comprehension skills through authentic rich texts. Writing skills are instructed using ‘The Writing Revolution Model, which combines teaching content and breaking the writing process down into manageable chunks. We also teach sentence and paragraph writing at level.


The Australian Curriculum underpins Mathematics Instruction here at Redeemer. The content taught across the strands of Number, Alegbra, Measurement, Space, Statistics and Probability ensures that students develop mastery in Mathematics through the development and application of mathematical understanding and fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. Students in Years 1 to 3 have access to Mathletics and students can attend weekly tutoring in Maths provide by our full-time Primary Learning Support teacher.


In Prep to Year 8, the subject of Technologies comprises two subjects.
• Design and Technologies
• Digital Technologies
These subjects ensure that students benefit from learning and working with the traditional, contempory and emerging technologies that shape our world. Students
from Prep have access to Ipads and laptops to assist with their learning.


The importance in creating global citizens is enhanced through the learning of Mandarin from Years 3 to 8. This is delivered through an online language program
delivered by MEG Languages with classroom teachers as facilitators.


Housed in the Resource Centre, the Literature and Research Program delivers weekly lessons focused on enhancing enjoyment and comprehension of literature while progressively developing research, referencing and information literacy